Working to recruit ready leaders and Airmen

  • Published
  • By Maj. Ashley Walker
  • 913th Airlift Group

In September 2020, the 913th Airlift Group conducted a Strategic Alignment where squadron leaders identified goals that would make the organization a more lethal fighting force. Currently, there are five ongoing process improvement projects that will be individually highlighted in future stories.

There is a strong competition for talent across the workforce and the Air Force Reserve 913th Airlift Group is working toward recruiting and retaining skilled experts. Members from the group are putting together a team to identify opportunities to reach people who are qualified to serve as future Reserve Citizen Airmen.

“As members retire or move to other units for professional growth, there will always be a demand for new members,” said Maj. Krissy Poisson, 913th Force Support Squadron commander. “Additionally, the group has chronic vacancies in the Air Transportation and Maintenance Crew Chief specialties.”

The Air Force Reserve is offering bonuses in a number of specialties to help entice members to join. Some bonus-eligible enlisted career fields are Loadmaster and Air Transportation; officer incentives include aviation bonuses for Mobility Pilots; and healthcare professions bonuses for Flight Surgeons. Bonuses for career fields change each fiscal year.

“Based off a snapshot of the group demographics and the vacancies in the NCO ranks, we are looking for opportunities to recruit prior service members,” said Master Sgt. Elizabeth Honaker, 913 AG career assistance advisor. “Right now we have a particular need for Senior NCOs to fill a variety of positions, to include special duty assignments such as First Sergeant and Readiness NCO. Technical Sergeants who are promotion eligible will be considered.”

Air Force Reserve Command targets recruitment efforts to obtain 75 percent of its members from the prior service pool of applicants. The data shows that only 58 percent of the group’s accessions in the past year were prior service.

“Prior service members already have the training and experience to hit the ground running,” Poisson said. “This equates to a huge savings for the force regarding training cost and time. We also need folks ready to bring their depth of experience and mentor our non-prior service members.”

Honaker highlighted ways the team will expand current local recruiting efforts, such as future recruiting rodeos, job fairs, informational briefs to active duty, and community events. If you have a recruiting idea or would like to join the team send an email to

Individuals who have questions regarding joining the Air Force Reserve can call at 800-237-8279 or visit