• Deployment Distances...Can the Heart Grow Fonder?

    One of the major concerns of deployment or long distance trips is staying connected to relationships with others at home. A spouse, child, parent, or friend appreciates the physical presence of the loved one when at home.

  • Maintaining trust on social media

    I’ve heard it most of my life. From high school coaches, college professors, drill sergeants and business leaders: communication is key. For both good and bad, communicating, connecting and sharing is more widespread than ever. Technology has changed how we interact. We can text or tweet friends

  • Mentoring

    Originally published May 21, 2008Generations before the Air Force decided to realize a Mentoring Program, my forefathers perfected a concept entrusting the survival of generations of Walstons to come. Webster defines mentor as - a wise loyal advisor, a teacher or coach. Air Force Instruction 36-3401

  • Patriotism meets Commercialism

    Originally published July 18, 2013Some Americans may not know this, but in the past, criminal penalties were imposed on individuals who knowingly mutilated, defaced, physically defiled, or trampled upon any flag of the United States. However, on June 11, 1990, the Flag Protection Act of 1989 was

  • Greatest Generation

    Originally published Nov. 1, 2012The sun was bright, not a cloud in the sky on Sunday, Oct. 20, 2012. It was a beautiful day. The temperature was 75 degrees at 10 a.m., much warmer than expected. The drive to Oakwood, Texas, was shorter than I remembered as a child. Throughout the trip my dad would

  • Family trips with the Air Force

    Originally published Nov. 17, 2010During a good portion of my childhood, Dad had two weeks of the summer with us kids to cram a year's worth of experiences into. Every summer Dad had a trip planned. Upon arriving at our second home, without fail, we'd load supplies into the pop-up trailer and head

  • Dress to Impress: Walking a mile in her shoes

    Originally published July 27, 2009My father is my number one mentor, whether I want him to be or not. Much like the AFI 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel, guides our Airmen in uniform policies, my dad has always had his own set of guidelines for my appearance where his

  • War Time Leadership

    Originally published July 12, 2008"I'd go to war with you anytime," may just be a phrase used to make junior Airmen feel good, but in today's high-tempo environment it's more likely than not, the truth.Sooner or later, if you are in the Air Force, so I am told, you are going to deploy to the AOR. I