Man-Day Tours

Personnel Force Innovation matches Guard and Reserve personnel with Department of Defense agencies for Man-Day tours from one to three years. Some positions are non-Air Force Specialty Code specific. Search and apply for positions at the PFI website.

Air Reserve Technician Jobs

Click on the image above to view the current listing of ART position vacancies listed on the website as well as information on qualification criteria, position details, required forms, and links to website with more pertinent information.

Bonuses Available

The 913th Airlift Group has bonuses available for Air Transportation Specialists (2T2X1). The enlisted incentive programs available include: Non-Prior Service (NPS) and Prior Service Enlistment, Reenlistment, Enlisted Affiliation, and Retraining (AFI 36-3012).

All bonus incentives will be paid a potential bonus entitlement of $7.5K, $15K or $20K depending on the critical skill AFSC listed on the current Fiscal Year Critical Skills list and the member's Date of Enlistment (DOE) and length of the enlistment contract.

Want to learn more about reenlistment bonuses? Speak with your supervisor and go the myPers website to find out more:
AFRC FY20 Officer and Enlisted Incentive List & Officer Incentive Guidance (MyPers)

Those without prior military service can speak with their local reserve recruiters.

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