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  • Working to recruit ready leaders and Airmen

    There is a strong competition for talent across the workforce and the Air Force Reserve 913th Airlift Group is working toward recruiting and retaining skilled experts. Members from the group are putting together a team to identify opportunities to reach people who are qualified to serve as future

  • Posturing for the Future Fight

    With emerging requirements across the force to prepare for the future fight, the Air Force Reserve 913th Airlift Group is working toward a secure facility that will meet the demands of mission planning and intelligence research and analysis.

  • Working toward deployment predictability

    In September 2020, the 913th Airlift Group conducted a Strategic Alignment where squadron leaders identified goals that would make the organization a more lethal fighting force. Currently, there are five ongoing process improvement projects that will be individually highlighted in future stories.To

  • Unleashing Innovation

    In the three months of the innovation board being placed in the squadron, six ideas or concerns were identified. Some have already been implemented, while others are currently being analyzed and worked.