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  • Coping with COVID: An Air Force Podcast

    In this episode of An Air Force Podcast, we look into how the renewed focus on Squadrons has prepared and supported Airmen and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Suffering in Silence

    The idealization of strong silent type suffer in silence is detrimental to our health. “We all need to feel valued as a person. As wingmen, we have to put in work for someone to let their guard down,” said Tech. Sgt. Corey Malone, 913th Maintenance Squadron maintainer. “As Reservists, we may only

  • A Focus on Spirituality

    When spirituality comes up, most people think, "church stuff." Yet, the center of all thought and activity is spirit.

  • In the Face of Adversity - Kristen Christy

    “Everyone is facing their own battle.” This common phrase was used by Kristen Christy, the 2018 Air Force Key Spouse of the Year, as one of the defining points of her moving life story, which she shared with military members and their dependents at Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas January 13,