Full-time to part-time with benefits

  • Published
  • By Maj. Ashley Walker
  • 913th Airlift Group

You can still serve the military part-time in the Reserve, whether you are about to finish your active duty commitment or have a few years left. Palace Chase and Palace Front are programs offered to active duty members to transition toward part-time reservists, serving one weekend per month and two weeks a year.

The Palace Chase program allows active duty Airmen to apply to be transferred to a reserve unit while they still have an active duty service commitment.

“Palace Chase allows the Air Force to retain quality personnel by provide them various ways to continue serving,” said Master Sgt. Lyndsay Moen, Palace Chase and Palace Front liaison recruiter. “The ability to choose available jobs and apply to units across the country allows Airmen to pursue other opportunities such as full-time school and a stable environment for their families.”

Enlisted Airmen approaching halfway complete with their enlistment contract are able to apply. If they meet the eligibility requirements and are released from their career field, they can serve the rest of their enlistment with the Reserve depending on the amount of time left on the active-duty contract.

Officers should contact Reserve recruiters to start the scrolling process at least six months out if considering the Reserves. This is an administrative process to ensure your commission transfers into the Reserve. Scrolling does not incur a commitment.

The Palace Front program allows active duty members who are finishing their commitment to smoothly transition into the Reserve without a break in service.

“When I left the Marines I missed the camaraderie,” said Master Sgt. Bradford Hanberry, in-service Reserve recruiter. “I was able to find a happy balance through the Reserve and now I serve the Reserve full-time. The ability to switch from part-time to full-time can help provide some job security.”

There are many options in the Reserve. There are opportunities to cross-train, to be part-time or full-time, move between Reserve units (depending on positions available), benefits such as Tricare Reserve Select, full tuition assistance and education support, and more.

To find a unit in the Reserve speak with your in-service recruiter or search jobs within the Reserve Management Vacancy System (see link below).


AFI 36-3205, Applying for the Palace Chase & Palace Front Programs (https://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/af_a1/publication/afi36-3205/afi36-3205.pdf)

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Reserve Management Vacancy System (CAC enabled) (https://w45.afpc.randolph.af.mil/AFPCSecureNet40/CheckPortal.aspx)


Recruiter contact info:

Master Sgt. Lyndsay Moen (L-Z)




1255 Vandenberg Blvd., Rm 126, Little Rock AFB, AR 72099


Master Sgt. Bradford Hanberry (A-K)



1255 Vandenberg Blvd., Rm 126, Little Rock AFB, AR 72099