7 things you need to claim your money

  • Published
  • By Maj. Ashley Walker
  • 913th Airlift Group

In preparation of filing travel vouchers the Financial Management office put together a redeployment travel voucher checklist.

According to Imo Taylor, 913th Airlift Group finance specialist, there are more than 100 people who will need to complete their travel vouchers in August and September. This includes the bulk of the redeployment group returning to work and Reservists who have completed their Annual Training requirements over the summer.

“It’s all about doing the prep work,” said Taylor. “Our office is doing everything we can to ensure our members get paid in a timely manner, but with the shear amount of people coming through we will need everyone to come in ready to go.”

The checklist below, in the 913th AG app, and emails received by redeployers will guide them through the travel voucher process.

Airmen returning from the deployment will need the items below for their FM appointment:

1.      938 Certified Orders to include all amendments.

2.      Contingency, Exercise, and Deployment (CED) Orders will have two pages.

3.      Airfare Receipts.  Any travel booked through WINGGATE receipt can be retrieve using the Airfare Receipt. Flights booked for your return trips, you should have been provided via receipt.  If you do not have this receipt you will need to complete a lost receipt form based upon the information from your Government Travel Card Statement. Also any item(s) purchase in Foreign Currency must be claim in foreign currency and provide copies of government travel card statements or pending transactions; showing “GOVT. RATE” conversion for charges. The Conversion Rate, Date of conversion and United States Dollar amount must be written on the receipt being submitted for claimed. 

4.      Lodging receipts should have your name, payment completed, arrival, and departure dates.

5.      AF Form 988   approved leave form signed by you and an authorized supervisor.

6.      Installation Personnel Readiness Check in Sheet showing your authorized leave time.

a.       (See 913th Airlift Group Post-Deployment Alternative Deployment Plan Individual Checklist)

7.      Direct Deposit Form:  If you elect to do Split Disbursement where a portion of your voucher goes to your personal account.

Lost receipt and direct deposit forms can be found at the website link: https://www.913ag.afrc.af.mil/Important-Documents/

“This upfront preparation will ensure you get your funds quickly on the first try,” said Col. Christopher Lay, 913th AG commander. “It also allows the FM office to efficiently help everyone. Please do your part so everyone can prosper.”

All Air Reserve Technicians will contact Taylor at 501-987-3514 to set up an appointment during normal work hours.  All others are scheduled starting the August Unit Training Assembly. Local personnel who desire to complete their travel voucher outside the UTA, please contact Taylor for an appointment. Be sure to arrive on time and if you can't make it please call immediately to reschedule.