913th Airlift Group app - Info at your fingertips

  • Published
  • By Maj. Ashley Walker
  • 913th Airlift Group

913th Airlift Group Reserve Citizen Airmen are able to access important base and career information right at their fingertips with the new mobile-friendly app.


Unit personnel can now access the 913th AG Sub App within the USAF Connect mobile app. Simply install USAF Connect from the Apple App Store or Google Play, select 913th Airlift Group when prompted to add Favorites and swipe left from the USAF Connect home screen. Airmen can Favorite up to 10 organizations.


“Airmen are constantly on the go and their computing needs are no longer tied to a desktop computer or a lap top,” Col. Minh Tri Trinh, who is in charge of the app’s rollout, said in the release. “We believe Air Force Connect and its future iterations will continue to be transformative, delivering on the promise of convenience and the power of technology, now and into the future.”


This full-featured app provides a variety of capabilities, enhancing access to the information Airmen need to manage their Air Force life and career. Top features include:


·         Unit Directory

·         Drill weekend Newsletters

·         Events Calendars - including Unit Training Assembly dates

·         PFT Calculator

·         Group text manager

·         Interactive map

·         Common Access Card enabled sites with mobile CAC reader

·         913th AG Social Media sites


The 913th AG is one of the beta-testing units for the CAC reader. The app, with a mobile CAC reader, allows Airmen to plug in their CAC card and log on to sites such as the Defense Travel System, Webmail, Defense Finance and Accounting Services, and Air Force Reserve Order Writing System. This app is one of the many innovative ways the Air Force Reserves is improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the force.


“I’ve personally used this app during a TDY,” said Chief Master Sgt. Kim Lord, 913th AG superintendent. “During the conference, we were all able to see changes to the schedule instantly without requiring us to log into a work computer. This is incredibly helpful resource and I hope all of the Airmen will install this app.”


USAF Connect is an Air Force-wide mobile app designed to enable, engage and empower Airmen by centralizing and increasing access to the information. In addition to providing headquarters-level information, local units can maintain Sub Apps, accessible through the USAF Connect Favorites Portal. The app cannot be used to track your location and it collects no personal data.


To download USAF Connect visit:  

Apple App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/usaf-connect/id1403806821?mt=8


Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.m360connect.usaf


Send 913th AG app suggestions to 913th Airlift Group Public Affairs at 913AG.PA.POC@us.af.mil.