Reserve Manpower, Personnel, Services visits Airmen

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  • 913th Airlift Group

The Air Force Reserve director of manpower, personnel and services spoke on recruiting and retaining quality Airmen during a Force Support Squadron all call Dec. 1, here.

Col. Lisa Craig spoke about efforts to enable combat ready forces and how to help FSS units throughout the command. “How can we support you,” Craig said, “How do we help your Airmen? We need the feedback so we can communicate your issues and address it.”

Craig spoke with Airmen about the Reserves moving to consolidate data systems, leveraging technology to stay on top of unit readiness and accountability.  “We have to be cost-effective and modernize so we can meet the needs of the Air Force,” she said. “The Reserves are in the initial stages of what is called Duty Planning Fusion, which will help every Reservist stay on top of their readiness.”

In closing, Craig coined four outstanding FSS performers and thanked all members for their service. “We all come from different backgrounds, from all corners of the country, and volunteer to serve. Thank you for wearing the cloth of our nation,” she said. “We are grateful to you.”

In addition to visiting the FSS offices, Craig and her team met with 913th Airlift Group leadership. "It is always great to have that face-to-face interaction and highlight to Command the great things we are accomplishing here at the 913th,” said Maj. Benjamin Hulsey, 913th FSS Commander.

Craig is responsible for policies, programs, and objectives involving readiness, assignments, education and training, separation, retirement, career progression, classification, manpower, services support, and quality of life. She supports nearly 90,000 military and civilian personnel, including 667 commanders across three Numbered Air Forces, 35 wings and 15 independent groups and units, at 66 operating locations world-wide.