913 AG, Team Little Rock kick off 2017 CFC

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Jeff Walston
  • 913th Airlift Group

The 913th Airlift Group and Team Little Rock are kicking off the 2017 Combined Federal Campaign, which runs on base from Nov. 20 – Dec. 30, 2017.


As a Reserve Group we are presented with special challenges, but we want to ensure everyone interested has an opportunity to contribute to the 2017 CFC.


To inform and educate Group members “key workers” have been designated for each unit and should be coming around with paper pledge forms to offer better access for contributors.


Contributing is easy. It is also a great opportunity to extend our shared mission of supporting the nation.


Here are a few other points to keep in mind when deciding whether to contribute this year.


  • Many people have been displaced by recent hurricanes, hunger during the holidays, need for scholarships for access to higher education, veterans suffering from combat PTSD, homelessness, etc.

  • A list of 9K approved charities is available on line to help with your decision

  • Painlessness payroll deductions: it's a lot harder to write a check for $120 than it is to have $10 deducted from your monthly pay, payroll deductions also give charities a stable revenue source

  • There is power in small donations: a large number of small donations can add up to have a huge impact, CFC charities have collected $8.2B since 1961 including $167M in 2016 alone

Thank you for demonstrating Team Little Rock's commitment to our nation and our community through personal charitable donations.