Summer fun, Air Force safe

  • Published
  • By Airman Rhett Isbell
  • 19th Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Kayaking the Buffalo River, fishing at Lake Ouachita and hiking Pinnacle Mountain are all activities that give a sense that summer has arrived in Arkansas.

The critical days of summer — May 27 to Sept. 4 — are characterized by people taking part in an increased amount of high-risk activities. As the temperatures rise, a heightened level of awareness is necessary to stay safe.

The lack of familiarity or experience with an Arkansas summer can lead to heat-related injuries.

Putting some forethought into the day’s activities and having a little preventative knowledge can go a long way toward avoiding these common dangers:

1.Dehydration: Drink water the day before and during physical activity or if heat is going to become a factor.

2.Sunburns: These can be avoided by wearing sunscreen with a broad spectrum of protection and minimizing direct exposure to the sun.

3.Swimming dangers: Inexperienced swimmers should wear properly fitted life vests.

4.PT injuries: These can be avoided by conditioning the body for the hotter weather, hydrating properly and stretching.

5.Proper protective equipment: Wearing PPE such as earplugs, gloves and safety goggles helps easily avoid injuries or damage to the body.

6.Alcohol consumption: Limit alcohol consumption and plan ahead. This can go a long way towards helping further an Airman’s career.

7.Home projects: Read the owner’s manual for power tools and construction equipment, as well visit the skill center on base for some helpful tips.

8.Travel safety: Poor planning, not wearing seatbelts and a lack of sleep are some of the most common causes of vehicular injuries.

9.Avoiding injury: Sticking to following proper safety procedures is an easy way to avoid injury.

10.Knowing the limits: Strains can be avoided by carefully conditioning the body over a period of time as well as being mindful of any signs stress.