913 AG embraces continuous process improvement

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  • 913th Airlift Group
The 913th Airlift Group has jumped head first into a program designed to improve effectiveness and value of group tasks and operations.

Air Force Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) uses process improvement methodologies and business process reengineering to improve flow and reduce waste within a process. CPI focuses on degrading factors of product quality and identifies what is needed to overcome constraints, and redesigns the processes, allowing Airmen to integrate continuous improvement into their everyday operations.

In a nutshell, AFI 38-401, dated 15 April 2016, paragraph 1.1, sums up the reason why the 913 AG has embraced the program. CPI increases operational capabilities while reducing associated costs by applying proven techniques to all processes associated with fulfilling the Air Force (AF) mission. The goal of Air Force CPI is to eliminate waste while maximizing customer value.

The 913 AG group process manager, 1st Lt. Jamillah Gonzalez, works with all of the group’s squadrons to identify processes and assist/facilitate CPI projects to generate positive results.

“As we are all aware, the Air Force is facing serious fiscal challenges,” Gonzalez said. “Therefore, in order to help address these issues, embracing the mindset of CPI throughout our organization is urgent. Why? Because, it can lead to a reduction of wasteful activities, improve our financial stability, and enhance the places in which work. Bottom line, make us happier to come to work!”

So, what is needed?

Gonzalez said, “I need your help to recommend CPI opportunities to your leadership and your participation on project teams, your enthusiasm, your support and cooperation. CPI will be successful based on the support of all members.”

“Ultimately, CPI when truly embraced and carried out collaboratively, focuses on the things that matter, taps into the knowledge and ideas of members at all levels, and ultimately leads to improved job satisfaction,” Gonzalez said.