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Best wishes to Theophile Hakizimana who departs for Air Force Basic Military Training today! Stay Strong!
Did you know there will be a car show during the Family Day event on Nov. 2? Send an email to tiah.phillips.1@us.af.mil to register your car. Post photos of your car to start showing off!
Dust off your mess dress and look fancy for the Air Force Ball that will be held dowtown on Sept. 14. Go to the website below to RSVP by this Friday!
Our Team Little Rock maintainers in action, ensuring combat airlift is always ready, always there! See more photos at the link below or on our Flickr site https://www.913ag.afrc.af.mil/News/Article/1942348/team-little-rock-maintainers-in-action/ #ReserveReady #HerkLife #HerkNation
Aerospace Ground Equipment specialists are responsible for maintaining and repairing the equipment that supplies electricity, hydraulic pressure and air pressure to our aircraft. In addition to diagnosing malfunctions and repairing aerospace ground equipment (AGE), these airmen advise and perform troubleshooting on the equipment, inspect and approve maintenance and prepare the equipment for storage and mobility deployment. Contact us to find out what Traditional Reserve maintenance positions are available at the 913th Airlift Group. #ReserveRecruiting #ReserveReady
Congrats to Staff Sgt. Connery Carroll for being selected as Team Little Rock's Combat Airlifter of the Week! He has volunteered for two deployments in the last two years, filling critical 1-deep positions. He recently took a new position at Little Rock AFB with the Air Force Reserves as an Active Guard Reserve; filling a critical vacancy. #ReserveReady Little Rock Air Force Base, Ark. https://www.913ag.afrc.af.mil/News/Article/1940019/combat-airlifter-of-the-week-staff-sgt-connery-carroll/
Check out our flickr page to see some great photos of our maintainers working with our Team Little Rock partners, ensuring combat airlift gets off the ground! #ReserveReady https://www.flickr.com/photos/913thairliftgroup/
Don't forget to put together your teams for the 2019 Monsters Challenge! Check out the poster for details! Sign up with your First Shirt!
Chief Master Sgt. Cynthia Underwood is also a nominee for the AFRC Profiles in Leadership program. Learn more about her career at the linked article: #ReserveResilient #PortDawg #ReserveReady #ReserveCitizenAirmen" target="_blank">https://www.913ag.afrc.af.mil/News/Article/1920398/profiles-in-leadership-nominee-cynthia-underwood/ #ReserveResilient #PortDawg #ReserveReady #ReserveCitizenAirmen</a>
Air Force Recruiting will be hosting a Live Chat next Wednesday with Reserve and Guard recruiters. Spread the word! #ReserveRecruiting #ReserveReady
Welcome to the team Kaleb Ballard who just graduated BMT! After he completes tech school he will join 96 APS! Congrats!
Aircraft Structural Maintainers use various methods to restore the structural integrity of the aircraft. Contact us to find out what Traditional Reserve maintenance positions are available at the 913th Airlift Group. #ReserveReady #ReserveRecruiting
Before the airdrop there are port dawgs and loadmasters loading up the cargo. Click on the links below to see photos from the static load training. https://www.913ag.afrc.af.mil/News/Article/1933988/before-the-airdrop-static-load-training/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/913thairliftgroup/ #ReserveReady #PortDawgs #HerkLife #C130
A big shout out to Tech. Sgt. Jerome Nunley and Senior Airman Megan Hagen who ensured the 913th Airlift Group exceed our blood donation goal during last driil weekend! According to the Arkansas Blood Institute, we positively impacted approximately 57 lives through our donations. Thank you for being ready and willing to help our neighbors. #ReserveReady
Congrats to Tech. Sgt. Malcom Moe, 913 AG Historian, who reenlisted during drill weekend. Thanks for agreeing to serve in the AF Reserves for 6 more years! #ReserveReady
ADVISORY | Please be advised that customer service hours for some base agencies will be affected by the 19 AW’s resilience tactical pause this week.
Don&#39;t let Monday get you down. Check out some of our favorite photos from last week&#39;s Turkey Shoot combat airdrop competition! See more photos on our Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/913thairliftgroup/ #ReserveReady #HerkNation #HerkLife
Congrats to Kayla Carson and Lewis Alexander! They graduated BMT and will join 96 APS and 913 AMDS respectively once tech school is complete. Welcome to the team!
Aircraft Hydraulic Systems personnel are responsible for maintaining the hydraulic and pneumatic systems, including landing gear, brakes, and flight controls, as well as weapon and cargo doors. Contact us to find out what Traditional Reserve maintenance positions are available at the 913th Airlift Group. #ReserveReady #ReserveRecruiting